6/1/2014 Developer News Roundup


Scientists from the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople* have discovered a technique for extracting the glazing from the eyes of mindless bubble-gum-chewing teenagers and applying the extract to various surfaces to give them a unique shine. The scientists have tried it on a number of materials, including leather, and the results are, if nothing else, quite fascinating. Apparently, Mel Brooks has caught wind of this development and is considering using it in his next motion picture, tentatively entitled “Glazing Saddles.”
Apologies to Professor Peter Schickele of P.D.Q. Bach fame.


Security news:

In baffling move, TrueCrypt open-source crypto project shuts down (Very cryptic. Never say I don’t go for the obvious dumb jokes, either)

OpenSSL to get a security audit and two full-time developers (Two, count ‘em TWO! I feel more secure already. Not.)


Mobile, web, and cloud news:

Ramda wants to put the function in functional JavaScript (Have a rendezvous with Ramda. Arthur C. Clark must be rolling over in his grave, now.)

Tools rush in: Developer options grow for Internet of things (Get yours now, before they become obsolete in 27.5 hours)

Pop quiz: Who invented cloud computing? (Seems the answer is still kind of hazy)

PHP improvements to boost real-world app performance (Now if they would just make it more secure and actually pleasant to program…)

Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report is a must read (Why not. I’ve got nothing better to do.)

App dev Q&A: The journey to making Famo.us real (And Famo was his name-o)

Microsoft goes public with browser development plans (More open, just without the source)

Microsoft’s new open source ASP.Net can run on Linux, OS X (ASP.NET goes Mono e Mono)

ASP.NET vNext on OSX and Linux (Some more on the subject)

Xamarin.Forms – Write Once, Run Everywhere, AND Be Native? (This makes looking at Xamarin for cross-platform development even more compelling)

RubyMotion 3.0 Sneak Peek: Android Support (on the other hand, if you only want to support Android and you like Ruby, not Java, take a look at this)

Apache Cordova 3.5.0 (New version)

Hands On with the Android Wear Developer SDK (Warning: This may wear you down)

Update: Xamarin 3 releases Apple Xcode alternative (These people are on a roll)

Microsoft shoots to shorten Internet Explorer’s long tail (After shooting themselves in the foot for so many years)

Visual Studio Now Supports Hybrid Cross-platform Mobile Development via Cordova (Shades of Dr. Strangelove – We must not allow a PhoneGap gap!)

Top 10 JavaScript traps for a C# developer (Sounds like some of these also apply to other types of non-JavaScript developers)

uncss: Find Unused CSS (Hey, you might even find Waldo!)

New standard for a faster Web finished by year end? Maybe not (I’m betting not)


General news:

15 trends and 15 turn-offs in app dev (Just 15 of each?)

Caliburn.Micro – Xaml made easy (Write once for all your Windows-based platforms, if you like that sort of thing)

Git 2.0 features better defaults and a kinder learning curve (Now you only need a Masters degree to git it…get it? Er, never mind, I hear someone calling me…)

Computer scientists study other computer scientists (No doubt looking for signs of artificial intelligence)

Enjoy machine learning with Mahout on Hadoop (A shout out for Mahout)

TechEd North America Highlights for App Developers (Lots of links to content from the conference)

When too much coding can kill you (No coded messages, here)

Skype shown automatically translating multilingual voice calls (Why not? What could go wrong?)

Microsoft’s New OneNote Service API Backs Free Apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android (Hmm, very OneNoteworthy)

Setting Up F# In Emacs (Emacs in the key of F#)

Coding Principles Every Engineer Should Know (Random quote: “…only good programmers can solve problems in simple, understandable ways.”)

Nitra goes Open Source! (probably because you’ve never heard of Nitra before this)

Where Is the Learning in Agile? (It was too fast and has already left the building?)

Choosing a Web Framework/Language Combo for the Next Decade (A decade worth of relevance? That’s optimistic)

Announcing Update to Productivity Power Tools 2013 (Apparently, we we’re productive enough, before)

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Learning To Code Is Easy (Really?

New Windows app development training resources now available (Please, please, won’t you build some apps?)


4/18/2014 Article Links


Sign outside a florist’s building – “Spring is here! I’m so excited, I wet my plants!”


Security stuff:

The plot to kill the password (In theaters now!)

German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login (Well, that didn’t take long)

The security of the most popular programming languages (Where’s SafeAndSound.NET?)

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Carriers Back Anti-Theft Measures for Smartphones (Well, it would be bad if they backed pro-theft measures)

Rushed Heartbleed fixes may expose users to new attacks (This is starting to give me heartburn)


Other stuff:

Continuous Development: The New Maintenance Reality (Continuous job security?)

Cortana Easter Egg resurrects Clippy as your personal digital assistant (Oh, good, Clippy is resurrected just in time Easter egg)

Microsoft cloud service lets firms tap data from Net-connected gadgets (Be the first kid on your block to connect them all!)

Nashorn: JavaScript made great in Java 8 (JavaScript tries to horn in on Java)

Sessions from Build 2014 (In case your company was too cheap to send you…or didn’t care…or thought it was a home improvement expo…)

Three’s a charm? Windows 8 patches could pave multiple paths to Windows 9 (Or, multiple paths to other operating systems)

Silicon Valley’s 19 Coolest Places to Work (Those of us who live in the rest of the world can dream on)

Congrats on the new job! Please disregard all the red flags (Frequently, there’s a reason why they have an opening that doesn’t involve someone having just retired or died)

4/4/2014 Article Links

Random stuff:

Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling (Is it safe to stop worrying about whether Oracle will kill off MySQL?)

Scrum co-inventor: Agile can lower risk, but it won’t tell you how to code (in other words, lots of luck)

Developer picks: 7 hot tools for agile development (so hot, they’re cool)

Android is the most stable mobile OS, says new report (that is, when compared only to one other operating system…)

Google is tracking some employees for 100 years just to monitor their happiness (hmm, leaving work at the office will make you happier? Who would have guessed?)

Fire hazard forces recall of Lenovo ThinkPad batteries (shocking)

Why CoffeeScript Isn’t the Answer (needs more sugar?)

As advertisers phase out cookies, what’s the alternative? (Milk, what else?)

Three Types of Interview Questions Software Developers Should Expect 

Why you should always under-promise and over-deliver (and remember, to everyone else, even your estimates are considered promises)

Agile in the enterprise: To succeed, avoid the fundamentalists (be sure to stand up to them…in meetings…yeah, that’s it)

Software developers, you’re better when you work together (now, go sit in the corner)

You say Python, and I say Perl … (and attach Perl to Python, and you have yourself an interesting necklace for your main squeeze)

What the latest cloud explosion really means (puffier clouds?)

4/1/2014 Article Links

Random picture:


Badlands National Park, South Dakota.



April Fool’s Day History


Random stuff:

Facebook tweaks (used to fine tune an iOS app)

Adobe Announces PhoneGap Enterprise for Mobile Development

Windows Phone 8.1 core has finished today

Microsoft to unveil Enterprise Mobility Suite alongside Office for iPad

Survey: 33% of iPhone owners would shell out $300 on contract for a bigger iPhone 6

Apple engineer reveals where the iPhone’s original software came from

Git smart! 20 essential tips for Git and GitHub users 

Farts and f-bombs: see the hidden jokes in Microsoft’s early code (what else would you expect to find in MS-DOS code?)

Why your previous developer was terrible (raise your hand if you’ve heard this one before)

Whatever Happened to Reuse? (It was recycled)

Cloud deniers are the flat earthers of the tech world

Google General Counsel to Arrington Allegation: We Don’t Snoop on Gmail to Find Leakers

Can Microsoft rescue Windows? (wait, I think I’ve heard this one every other release of Windows…)

It takes an open-source village to make commercial software (cue catchy theme music)

Apple says it wants emoji to be more multicultural

3/31/2014 Article Links


The Grand Haven Lights from a few weekends ago.


Upcoming Conference:

self.conference (this is a two-day Detroit conference put on by the same folks who run 1DevDayDetroit, so it should be good.)


Business stuff

Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion (this sounds virtually real)

Will Microsoft CEO Nadella put a nail in Windows’ coffin this week? (sure, and Apple will stop selling iPads…)

Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple (how would you move Mount Fuji, Apple?)

BlackBerry’s next BBM update: It’s all about the money (what else would it be about?)

Google Reinvents How Cloud Computing Is Priced (another step in the race to the bottom)


Programming stuff:

Java 8 Will Revolutionize Database Access (about bloody time)

Java vs. Go: The case for cloud-specific languages (why is it just a choice between these two languages?)

MIT Web development platform seeks to prevent apps from leaking data (ironically, they just use caulk)

Railway Oriented Programming (A functional approach to error handling)


Other stuff:

Microsoft makes source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to public

3/30/2014 Article Links


A dark, windy, gloomy day at the Michigan City East Pier Light – about a year ago. Those birds showed a lot of gull hanging around in this kind of weather.


Web development stuff:

jsDelivr – The advanced open source public CDN

Using Media Queries in JavaScript (AbsurdJS? Are we really that desperate for new names for the latest JavaScript library?)

Do HTML5 apps have to be online all the time? (Short answer – no)

Creating CSS Animations Using Move.js

Half full or half empty? HTML5’s mixed outlook

Building A JavaScript Library With Tests, Mocks, and CI



Other stuff:

Hurts so good: 20 ways to torture developers (Sounds like MDD – Masochism Driven Development)



There are 10 kinds of people in the world – those who understand binary, and those who don’t.