5/8/2014 Article Links


I have an idea for a series of humorous decorative figurines. They would feature an old Irish couple, and in each set, the wife will be hitting her husband with some implement (log, frying pan, etc). They will be pure Paddy whack knick knacks.


Security stuff:

Phishing scams increasingly using mobile apps to bait victims (Phishing with bait…who would have seen that one coming?)

Flash and Java still as vulnerable as ever, says Microsoft (Of course, part 1)

Malware infections in Windows PCs tripled in late 2013, Microsoft finds (Of course, part 2)

Fishing for Hackers: Analysis of a Linux Server Attack (Now open for hacking)

Antivirus is Dead: Long Live Antivirus! (This sounds very anti-anti-virus)

When a bad day gets worse—getting hacked twice in one day (When the third time is definitely not the charm)

Don’t let the latest zero-day fool you

US Government Begins Rollout Of Its ‘Driver’s License For The Internet’


Cloud stuff:

OpenStack now does NoSQL (Wait, isn’t that a double negative?)

SDN secrets of Amazon and Google (Now, slightly less secret)


Web and mobile stuff:

Dev Q&A: RequireJS’s James Burke on the JavaScript loader’s future (Required reading)

Apple has its own JavaScript accelerator in the works (Why not? Everyone else has)

Joe Belfiore just wrapped up his Reddit AMA, here are the highlights (WinPhone lives)

What Not Dying Looks Like (50% less pasty?)

CSS Shapes 101 (Sadly, all my CSS is just as out-of-shape as I am)

How to Retain Users with Good Design (And if that doesn’t work, alcohol)

AngularJS: Factory vs Service vs Provider (There’s an obtuse joke about angular in here, somewhere, and I’ll bet it’s acute one)

JavaScript Prototypes, Scopes, and Performance: What You Need to Know (…but were always afraid to ask)


Other stuff:

GitHub releases free and open Atom code editor (Version 2 will be the Molecule Editor)

A case for keeping primitives in Java (Get in touch with your primitive side)

Dockerfiles in a jiffy (It’s all in the pants)

Is devops killing the developer? (Killing them softly)

Meet Betty, the Siri-Like App That Turns Plain English Into Code (I wonder how it will translate swearing)

Top 12 tech hoaxes of all time (It’s amazing how old some of these are)

Arduino Vs. Raspberry Pi: Which Is The Right DIY Platform For You? (Arduino. Now shut up and eat your Pi.)

The Conflict at the Heart of Open Source (Open-heart surgery by amateurs is a conflict)

A C# 6.0 Language Preview (Peek-a-boo! I C# you!)

Using F# and FAKE to build a SharePoint provider-hosted app (I always knew SharePoint was a fake development platform)

Sculpt Your Code In a REPL – Part One (Great…all my code has gone to pottery)

Pattern Matching – Make the Compiler Work for You (Much better than making it work against you)

Microsoft Language Stack Analogy (Comparing languages to vehicles)

Rust for C++ programmers – part 5: borrowed references (Better steel yourself for this one)

Fostering Healthy Non-Professional Relationships (Step away from the keyboard, and no one will get hurt)

Linus Torvalds Receives IEEE Computer Pioneer Award 

Why our startup failed (How things end down)


4/29/2014 Article Links


Two city slickers are driving home during a blinding winter storm and run out of gas in the middle of a forest. One says he thought there was a house over a hill, so they set off in the snow to try to reach it. Along the way, they stumble across some tracks and quickly get into an argument about whether they are deer tracks or rabbit tracks. Both are very loud, obnoxious types, thinking they know it all and they are very competitive, so they go on arguing rather loudly for quite a while, ratcheting up the volume as they start screaming at each other. So involved in their spat, they were, that they were both run over by the 2:00 A.M. freight train.





Web and mobile stuff:

iPhone gets ‘GPS-like’ geomagnetic-based app (Now you can finally find yourself)

16 Best Online Tools for Testing Code Snippets (Be sure to sharpen your scissors first)

SSH Kung Fu (Not to be confused or associated in any way with this product: Hai Karate)

Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users (No fix for you!)

Web SQL Database: In Memoriam (Oh, well)

Rebuilding An HTML5 Game In Unity ((Hey, let’s not play games, here)

EXTENDING THE WEB WITH COMPONENTS (Yeah, instead of compost like we used to…)

Chrome DevTools Features You May Have Missed (If you don’t know about them, how would you ever miss them?)

20 Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers (Cherry-picked just for you – assuming you enjoy cherries)

Heroku joins other PaaS providers in supporting PHP (I’d prefer to PaaS on PHP, myself)

Famo.us, AngularJS pairing brings out the best of JavaScript (Fangular?)


Other stuff:

7 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career (Ironically, each one corresponds to a deadly sin)

git-kick-base(1) Manual Page (Somebody had a little spare time)

Lessons learned from a cancelled project (Honk if you’ve been there, done that)

Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain (Oh, good, now I can upgrade that buffalo chip I had been using for a brain)

Cloudera and MongoDB: ‘We’re better together’ (Joined at the bit)

The cloud rains on Big Software’s parade (Today’s forecast: Cloudy, with a 25% chance of profits)