Hello, my name is Mike Collins, and I’m a software developer. I have been programming since about 1988, starting with GW-BASIC and FORTRAN, then C, Pascal, COBOL, QuickBasic, C++, Visual Basic, C#, Java, JavaScript and a few other languages, here and there. I’ve worked at three small programming shops in the past, and currently work for a fortune 500 insurance company. I’ve found that the more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn to keep current. In the process, I have been known to shoot out emails to various people when I come across an interesting tidbit or two or twenty, but that has become a bit tedious in terms of keeping track of who may or may not be interested, so that’s one of the main motivators for creating this blog. So, much of what you’ll find here will be links to other sites, perhaps with a description or a punny comment :). Also, you may find the occasional opinion piece of my own, usually something about software craftsmanship, programmer education, or the like, but perhaps about other topics, as well. And as most of my co-workers are ruefully aware, there will be puns. Bad ones. Count on it. Consider yourself warned 🙂

I also write a blog specifically about F#, which I am in the slow process of learning: http://learnfs.wordpress.com

Another blog I just started is called Mike’s Nature Notes. This is a place where I post pictures I have taken of things in the natural world and include a brief discussion about the image.

Aside from writing, I do some outdoor photography, and have a website just for that. Shameless plug: yes, you can buy prints of my images! Please visit http://mwcollinsphoto.zenfolio.com.


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