5/25/2014 Developer News Roundup



I gave up on trying to memorize the Greek alphabet. It just makes me psi.


Security news:

New iOS app secures IM with ‘post quantum’ encryption (You just need to take a quantum leap of faith to trust that it works)

Microsoft will patch IE zero day – eventually (Wonderful…)

Suddenly, it’s Google vs. Samsung for Android security (About time)

6 things security pros keep getting wrong (#7: Failing to understand the first 6)

The Only 2 Things Every Developer Needs To Know About Injection (Inject some knowledge into your brain)

eBay hit with massive security breach, asks all users to change passwords (Your password now up for grabs to the highest bidder)

New Data Sheds Light on Shifting Cybercriminal Tactics


Web, mobile, and cloud news:

How your workout fuels the cloud (I better get working on this, myself)

Mozilla plans semi-silent updates to tug laggards onto the newest Firefox (Failure to update results in a bigger noise that sounds like it came from a biker just finishing off his 5th bowl of chili)

9 great iPad tools for IT pros (For padding around the office)

‘Do not track’? Oh what the heck, go ahead (If you don’t want to be tracked, don’t use the internet)

Couchbase brings NoSQL power to mobile apps (Now get off the couch and do something with it!)

Open source Hoodie is tailored for quick app dev (What’s next? Open source V-Necks?)

Hands on with Surface Pro 3: Lots to like, just not the price (Well, since no one is buying them, anyway…)

Who’s against Net neutrality? Follow the money (It’s a pretty short trip)

13 fabulous frameworks for Node.js (Well, who would have node?)

Ring Diver: My JavaScript game at native speeds on iOS and Android (No relation to Pearl Diver)

Welcome AppCode 3.0: UI Designer, Reveal plugin, code generations for TDD, multiple selections and more (Now with more flair)

Microsoft looks like it’s working on a new Android smartphone, the Nokia X2 (Why not? They make plenty off Android as it is)

Localizing an iOS App (Hello, app. You’re not from around here, are you?)

Bridging the Gap Between Gesture and Animation with Facebook’s Pop Framework (No, do NOT pop up THAT gesture!)

5 Common Mistakes Every New Android Developer Should Avoid (Good advice for any app platform, actually)

FunScript (Putting the functional back into fun)

Microsoft really is “all in” on the cloud, but is IT going to follow? (No, the rest of IT is still in a fog)

Saltarelle C# to JavaScript Compiler (Yet another way to avoid writing JavaScript)

The best free stock image resources on the Web (Wait! What if everything were free?)

Mobile Web So Fast Vin Diesel Wouldn’t Race It (Hopefully, your apps will be able to act better than Vin Diesel)

Understanding asm.js (Some assembly required)

Introducing the WebKit FTL JIT (Yet another JavaScript optimizer)

Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things

Improvements for ASP.NET Web Forms


F# news:

Property Based Testing with FsCheck (This has nothing to do with home security)

Program F# with CloudSharper everywhere (I’m still trying to figure out how a cloud can be sharp)

Mapping objects to JSON with Fleece (I’m feeling woolly already)

Will F# ever be a first class citizen? (use it, and they will come)

Stateful computations in F# with update monads (Every time I see the word monad…er…never mind)

 Who’s the most central? F# network on Twitter (A little data analysis for true geeks)


Other news:

Boot camp backlash: Cracks in the code academies (Who would have thought?)

Employers want Java skills more than anything else (Of course, the employer you work for, or want to work for, may have other things on their wish list)

Know this right now about Hadoop (Or else!)

Best starter programming language? 8 top picks of developers (Your opinion may vary)

10 pivotal tech shifts the experts didn’t see coming (As Yogi Berra said, Making predictions is hard – especially about the future.)

Java developers prefer JUnit, Jenkins, and Git (Until the next hot thing comes along)

Search engine aspires to be a Google for APIs (Wait, I’ve heard this one before)

You have the right to remain moronic (Not you, dear reader. You’re smart just for reading Smile)

Hello Cassandra (No, this isn’t some lame pick-up line)

GitHub rolls out the red carpet for scientists (I can’t wait to see scientists forking other scientist’s research)

We should ban the phrase “thread safe” (I agree. Let’s use “thread vault”, instead)

Does Team Size Impact Code Quality? (Fill in your own “size matters” joke here:_________)

This Google Project Lets You Program A (Simulated) Quantum Computer (Unfortunately, you can’t know whether it’s there or not there without opening the box, at which point, it’s not there)

Now that’s classic, Visual Basic [Classic] Tools for Visual Studio (For diehard fans)

Dart 1.4 Brings Deep Visibility to Run Applications (Because you really want to see the dart coming so you can duck)

Online Compilers (I’d compile a list of all the compilers, here, but clicking the link is easier)

Lambdas in C++11 (Making C++ more fun than before)

When should I write a property? (Only when you should, and never when you shouldn’t?)

Code Watch: The inner game of programming (Hint: It’s not about how many lines of code you write in a day)

Assembly Neutral Interfaces (This deserves a neutral comment)

Anti-Google rhetoric heats up in Germany amid threats of a break-up (Hmm…haven’t we been through this, before, only with Microsoft and browsers?)

Sorry, Peter Pan: Developers Can Grow Up

How Does TDD Affect Design?


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