4/22/2014 Article Links


I was driving down the road today and a rabbit ran across the street just in front of me. I missed it by a hare.


Security stuff:

NEC launches face-recognition security protection for PCs (Heyyyy…that looks more like a middle…never mind…!)

OpenBSD forks, prunes, fixes OpenSSL(Forking prunes will definitely open something)


Web and mobile stuff:

Nokia Devices to become “Microsoft Mobile” on April 25 (Oy, vey)

12 Little-Known CSS Facts (Now with baking soda)

Postman: A powerful HTTP client to test web services (The Postman Always Tests Twice)

JSZip: Create, read and edit .zip files with Javascript (Got any complaints? Yeah? Well, zip it!)

Handling z-index (This has its ups and downs)

Picturefill: A responsive image polyfill (Polly had one too many crackers and is now filled)

New compiler cranks up JavaScript from native code (Sounds like it’s really time to just invent a solid new language to run in the browser)


Other stuff:

BMC brings workload automation to the mainframe change ticket (It’s about time…)

Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide (Bad visual, bad visual!)

Microsoft Research reveals Holograph, brings ‘Star Wars’ Leia hologram to life (Let’s see the Leia the land)

Azure Web Sites New Basic Pricing Tier (Sooner or later, it will all be free)

This Is Your Brain On Code, According To Functional MRI Imaging (I know there’s a joke about crack in here, somewhere)

Google’s Head Of Hiring Gives His Best Advice For Job Interviews (Something to help your job search)

This is why Microsoft won. And why they lost. (Don’t try this at home)

WZOR leaks info about Windows 8.2, Windows 9 and cloud based OS (Hmmm)

New BigInteger methods in Java 8 (I can’t BigInt to describe how thrilling this is!)


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