4/21/2014 Article Links


Two cannibals are chatting over dinner. The guest says, “You know, I really can’t say I like your mother-in-law”. The host says, “Oh, I’m sorry. Here, try my brother-in-law.”


Web and mobile stuff:

HTML5 components released as open source (If at first you can’t sell it…)

Microsoft’s Office for iPad Shakes Up Mobile Enterprise (They had to rattle a poll to come up with that title)

Unity for cross-platform game development (Try out the throne of games)

Why and how to Port your Unity game to Windows and Windows Phone (And while you’re at it, show the red-headed stepchild some love)

Anticipating More from Cortana (I can’t wait!)

RIP Flash: Why HTML5 will finally take over video and the Web this year (OK, quit panning Flash)

Getting Started with Go (Stop and think about it for a minute)


Other stuff:

Plastic computers taking shape, but won’t replace silicon (I’m not even going to go there)

GitHub downtime got you down? Anam.io has your back (In case you’re having withdrawal symptoms)

Semantic Logging Application Block now supports activity tracing and Elasticsearch (Elastic search is what men do with their 25-year old underwear)

Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 4) A Developers Guide to Marketing Your App – Building Awareness with a Web Site (Conversely, promote your web site via you app, and then watch as they dance the infinite loop)

App Builder Rewards (Please tell me this doesn’t include yet another card I have to stuff in my wallet)

12 ethical dilemmas gnawing at developers today (Unfortunately, the average developer is too busy gnawing on pizza to care)

Study: Developers Wield Power, Expect to Get Rich ((Who are these people, and what have they done with all the massively subservient developers I am used to?)

Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension (Ironically, it has to be installed via copy-and-paste – just kidding!)


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