4/18/2014 Article Links


Sign outside a florist’s building – “Spring is here! I’m so excited, I wet my plants!”


Security stuff:

The plot to kill the password (In theaters now!)

German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login (Well, that didn’t take long)

The security of the most popular programming languages (Where’s SafeAndSound.NET?)

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Carriers Back Anti-Theft Measures for Smartphones (Well, it would be bad if they backed pro-theft measures)

Rushed Heartbleed fixes may expose users to new attacks (This is starting to give me heartburn)


Other stuff:

Continuous Development: The New Maintenance Reality (Continuous job security?)

Cortana Easter Egg resurrects Clippy as your personal digital assistant (Oh, good, Clippy is resurrected just in time Easter egg)

Microsoft cloud service lets firms tap data from Net-connected gadgets (Be the first kid on your block to connect them all!)

Nashorn: JavaScript made great in Java 8 (JavaScript tries to horn in on Java)

Sessions from Build 2014 (In case your company was too cheap to send you…or didn’t care…or thought it was a home improvement expo…)

Three’s a charm? Windows 8 patches could pave multiple paths to Windows 9 (Or, multiple paths to other operating systems)

Silicon Valley’s 19 Coolest Places to Work (Those of us who live in the rest of the world can dream on)

Congrats on the new job! Please disregard all the red flags (Frequently, there’s a reason why they have an opening that doesn’t involve someone having just retired or died)


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