4/10/2014 Article Links


A young man in his early twenties drowned earlier in the day at a public swimming pool. Police determined from family members that the man was a computer programmer. They also interviewed several onlookers who seemed to be unaware he was in any trouble. One person’s response was typical. She said, “He just kept yelling F1! F1! No one knew what he meant.”


Funny video:

The Expert (The project, place, and people involved may be different, but all developers have been in this meeting)


Security stuff:

Low adoption rate of HSTS website security mechanism is worrying, EFF says (What in the world of tech security isn’t worrying, these days?)

Repeat after me: Model your security threats first (Think of it as TFD – Threat First Development)

Researchers disclose vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service (Cloudy Java…not good)

Businesses face rising political pressure from data breaches (gee, ya think?)

New Windows Phone security necessary, but not groundbreaking (making WinPhone more enterprise friendly)


Web development:

Visual Studio extensions for web developers (lots of stuff for all web developers)

Vaadin switching to C# 

Web developers less concerned about browser-compatibility, more concerned with HTML5


Mobile development:

5 things every beginning Android app developer should know (probably applicable to any mobile app developer, too)

Windows Phone comes to the enterprise

App development quicker on Android than OS rivals – survey (of course, it all depends on what you’re trying to do, and how much experience you have…)

Hybrid Web Applications: The Best of All Worlds for Mobile Application Development

Microsoft’s smart strategy to take on Android

Following Famo.us, Ludei takes a swing at PhoneGap too


F# stuff:

A C# developer’s take on F#: Discovery to Production

F# Data 2.0.5 (new version)

Domain-Driven Design Using a Functional Language (not just about F#, though)


Other stuff:

The Reasons Businesses Use Open Source Are Changing Faster Than You Realize (moving at the speed of greed)

Jasper (Jasper is an open source platform for developing always-on, voice-controlled applications)

Salary Survey 2014 (as always, your mileage may vary)

C# 6: First reactions

Andromeda: Google’s Secret Weapon To Keep Amazon And Microsoft On Their Toes (the new Andromeda Strain?)

Contributions of Individual Programming Languages to Software Development

YourLanguageSucks (see how your favorite programming language fared)

Microsoft’s Trunk Based Development (No, nothing about elephants. Sorry.)

Wanna Build a Rocket? NASA’s About to Give Away a Mountain of Its Code (Literally a mountain! It is chiseled in stone! Just kidding! That would have been too hard to insert into the punched card reader.)

Don’t want to mix programming languages? You already do!

Zen and the Art of Tech in the Valley (Oh, great. New Age Driven Development…)


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