4/8/2014 Article Links


Two C strings walk into a bar. The first one says, “Bartender, I’d like a beer#%%^&&*jk!$dfh123#~”

The second one says, “You’ll have to pardon my friend. He isn’t null-terminated.”


Assorted news:

Supreme Court set for landmark decision — good or bad — on software patents

Git smart! 20 essential tips for Git and GitHub users (Git with the program, already!)

The dark side of lambda expressions in Java 8 (insert your own Star Wars joke, here)

Windows on Devices (the next big little thing)

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Allura™ as a Top-Level Project (the Allura of Apache…)

Addressing the Corruption of Agile (absolute corruption corrupts…well, you know…)

Document Liberation Project aims to break vendor lock-in (You never know when you’re going to need all those WordStar files again)

Reversible USB connector will be in products by year end (why didn’t they think of this years ago?)

Millennials Rule the Valley: Enjoy It While It Lasts (sounds like that old hippie slogan – “Don’t trust anyone over 30”. Fine, until you hit 30…then what?)

‘State of the Cloud Report’ proclaims hybrid is king (makes the Cloud more fuel efficient?)


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