4/7/2014 Article Links


You know you’ve been programming too long when you stare at a plate of food and try to estimate the number of bytes.


Windows XP:

The end of Windows XP and the start of a new Microsoft (and the peasants rejoiced!)

The Windows XP quiz: Do you know what happens now? (not as easy as you might think…unless you’ve been following the story carefully all these years)


Other stuff:

Microsoft’s open sourcing of .Net: The back story (slowly, but surely…)

Windows App Studio Beta: Build a Windows Phone AND Windows app in one session, no code required (go ahead, get your feet wet)

SD Times Blog: New ‘nearly unbreakable’ encryption scheme is inspired by human biology (I guess that’s better than inhuman biology)

How To Build A WinJS App In 10 Easy Steps (not just for Windows, anymore)

Modern C++ and Visual Studio (the old new language)

IT job growth jumps for third month in a row (it’s a good time to be in IT)

Microsoft yanks SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1, KB 2817429 (be sure to share this)

Apple v. Samsung: a ‘holy war’ for $2 billion (If you can’t beat them, steal from them. If you can’t steal from them, sue them.)

Teradata’s QueryGrid to power multi-database analytics (hopefully, the performance won’t be terable)

Qualcomm adds fastest ever 64-bit Snapdragon mobile chip (Get ready for the next round of upgrades)

Half-century milestone for IBM mainframes (Ah, yes. Memory lane.)

Microsoft takes steps to improve its Windows 8 business-app story (about bloody time)


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