3/31/2014 Article Links


The Grand Haven Lights from a few weekends ago.


Upcoming Conference:

self.conference (this is a two-day Detroit conference put on by the same folks who run 1DevDayDetroit, so it should be good.)


Business stuff

Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion (this sounds virtually real)

Will Microsoft CEO Nadella put a nail in Windows’ coffin this week? (sure, and Apple will stop selling iPads…)

Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple (how would you move Mount Fuji, Apple?)

BlackBerry’s next BBM update: It’s all about the money (what else would it be about?)

Google Reinvents How Cloud Computing Is Priced (another step in the race to the bottom)


Programming stuff:

Java 8 Will Revolutionize Database Access (about bloody time)

Java vs. Go: The case for cloud-specific languages (why is it just a choice between these two languages?)

MIT Web development platform seeks to prevent apps from leaking data (ironically, they just use caulk)

Railway Oriented Programming (A functional approach to error handling)


Other stuff:

Microsoft makes source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to public


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