4/30/2014 Article Links


Anything that is unrelated to elephants is irrelephant.


Other stuff:

EMC’s Project Liberty could free storage software from hardware 

Google acquires a taste for Power — IBM’s processors, that is (Suddenly, I feel very Blue)

Encryption in the cloud is scarcer than you think (I’ll have my encryption medium rare, please)

Big data hype didn’t speed growth in the BI market, Gartner says (It’s big data. Of course it moves slowly. Duh!)

How Disqus Went Realtime with 165K Messages Per Second and Less than .2 Seconds Latency 

Dear bosses: Grow up or get lost (If you have a boss like this, run. Fast. Now!)

What Facebook May Unveil At F8 (The Fate of Facebook developers? Get it? F8 = Fate?)

Zero-day Flash bug under active attack in Windows threatens OS X, Linux too (Die, Flash, die)

Debugging GPU Code in Microsoft C++ AMP (I’m up to my AMP-pits in GPU bugs, so this will be great)


Other tech stuff:

Researchers try new ‘twist’ on smartwatches (You…mean…like…a…dial???)

Whizzy gadgets, IoT devices take the stage at TechStars Boston Demo Day (All kinds of stuff you’ll absolutely have to have, but won’t actually need)

Can cops legally fire “GPS bullets” at fleeing cars to track suspects? (Great idea, until someone figures out a good countermeasure, or there’s an increase in pedestrian injuries from misfires or bad aim)


Free stuff from Microsoft:

Free ebooks from Microsoft Press

Defense in Depth: Windows 8.1 Security

Moving to Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

New Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2014 Now Available


4/29/2014 Article Links


Two city slickers are driving home during a blinding winter storm and run out of gas in the middle of a forest. One says he thought there was a house over a hill, so they set off in the snow to try to reach it. Along the way, they stumble across some tracks and quickly get into an argument about whether they are deer tracks or rabbit tracks. Both are very loud, obnoxious types, thinking they know it all and they are very competitive, so they go on arguing rather loudly for quite a while, ratcheting up the volume as they start screaming at each other. So involved in their spat, they were, that they were both run over by the 2:00 A.M. freight train.





Web and mobile stuff:

iPhone gets ‘GPS-like’ geomagnetic-based app (Now you can finally find yourself)

16 Best Online Tools for Testing Code Snippets (Be sure to sharpen your scissors first)

SSH Kung Fu (Not to be confused or associated in any way with this product: Hai Karate)

Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users (No fix for you!)

Web SQL Database: In Memoriam (Oh, well)

Rebuilding An HTML5 Game In Unity ((Hey, let’s not play games, here)

EXTENDING THE WEB WITH COMPONENTS (Yeah, instead of compost like we used to…)

Chrome DevTools Features You May Have Missed (If you don’t know about them, how would you ever miss them?)

20 Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers (Cherry-picked just for you – assuming you enjoy cherries)

Heroku joins other PaaS providers in supporting PHP (I’d prefer to PaaS on PHP, myself)

Famo.us, AngularJS pairing brings out the best of JavaScript (Fangular?)


Other stuff:

7 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career (Ironically, each one corresponds to a deadly sin)

git-kick-base(1) Manual Page (Somebody had a little spare time)

Lessons learned from a cancelled project (Honk if you’ve been there, done that)

Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain (Oh, good, now I can upgrade that buffalo chip I had been using for a brain)

Cloudera and MongoDB: ‘We’re better together’ (Joined at the bit)

The cloud rains on Big Software’s parade (Today’s forecast: Cloudy, with a 25% chance of profits)

4/28/2014 Articles Links


There’s a band called 1023MB. They haven’t had any gigs yet.


Security stuff:

US CERT and KB 2963983: Don’t use drive-by-enabled Internet Explorer (Ugh, here goes another round)

Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer zero-day 

Sure disaster: How not to do the Internet of things (Back away from the toaster and no one will get hurt)


Other stuff:

IBM puts all its cloud services in online marketplace (That should make both of their cloud customers happy for about two minutes)

The state of the Internet: Faster, with more IPv6 — and more attacks (More thrills. More chills.)

10 users IT hates to support (Be the first IT Tech Pro to collect all ten!)

Forget Your ISP: Mesh Networks Are The Future Of The Internet (Wake me up when it actually happens)

Having High-Tech Gadgets Is a Career-Booster, Says Study (There you go, another reason to buy more electronics, as if you really needed another reason)

The Face Recognition Algorithm That Finally Outperforms Humans (It nose who you are)

Top 10 Mistakes that C# Programmers Make (Read the article, and learn how to C Sharper)

What’s left of NoSQL? (MoSQL – you see, if you read the alphabet left to right, M is left of N. Go ahead and slam the browser shut indisgust, now)

4/25/2014 Article Links


A biology teacher is talking to a group of students in the lab. The class is about etymology, the study of insects. The teacher holds up a clear jar containing two weevils and asks a student to come up and select one one of the weevils as the best subject for detailed study. The student peers at the weevils skittering around in side the jar and says, “Well, I suppose that one,” pointing to the larger of the two weevils. The teacher looks at the weevil, then at the student, and says “So, you would select the larger of the two. Correct?” “Yes, sir, “ replies the student. The teacher then addresses the class, “You see, class, she has made a classic mistake. She should have known that one must always choose the lesser of two weevils.”


Security stuff:

Apple put users at risk with 3-week delay between OS X and iOS patches, researchers say (Possible apple core breach?)

Attack of the Week: Triple Handshakes (3Shake) (Have a 3Shake for lunch and then a sensible dinner)

Tech giants, chastened by Heartbleed, finally agree to fund OpenSSL (OpenWALLET)


Web and mobile stuff:

How To Make A Swipeable Table View Cell With Actions – Without Going Nuts With Scroll Views (It’s swipeable. Go ahead. Steal this code.)

The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Proposal Is Even Worse Than You Think 

4 no-bull facts you need to know about the FCC’s Net neutrality proposal 

Front-end ops gaining prominence in Web development (Back-end ops is your own business)

The iPad is so over, even Apple seems to be moving on (Looks like they need a new Jobs)


Other stuff:

TDD is dead. Long live testing. (Be prepared to hear some backlash)

Publish an app, win some prizes, and score bragging rights. (Go for it)

4/24/2014 Article Links


A perfume company has come up with a new line of products, each named after a famous comedian or humorist. They call the new line their “Scents of Humor”.


Security stuff:

Linux Foundation enlists Microsoft, Google to prevent the next Heartbleed

Web apps and point-of-sale were leading hacker targets in 2013 

The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous (Moving at the speed of fright)

Five traditional vulnerabilities that get worse in mobile HTML5 (The web pulls you in deeper)


F# and other functional programming languages:

F# – Marching Towards Top 10 Programming Languages (Don’t fall out of step!)

The rise of functional programming in Banks (Before, they were so dysfunctional)

F# Type Introduction (Hello, nice to meet you)

Beware of Immutable Lists for F# Parallel Processing (You might end up in a parallel universe)

Writing a MiniC-to-MSIL compiler in F# – Part 1 – Defining the abstract syntax tree (it’s always entertaining to create C compilers using other languages)

Is F# Ready for Production? (A note of caution)

State Machines in F# and C# (In New York, these are known as Empire State Machines)

F# and the Open/Closed Principle (Well that closes the book on that subject!)


Web and mobile stuff:

Testing PhoneGap Apps on Devices without SDK, Compilation or Code Signing (No sign of the times)

10 great Android apps for IT pros (Spoiler alert: they’re all flatulence apps)

Startup Quip issues API for mobile word processor aimed at enterprise IT (Let me start up the old quip machine, here…)

Cancel The Funeral For The Mobile Web—It’s Not Dead Yet (It just smells dead)


Other stuff:

Open Source is a thankless job. We do it anyway. (Feel free to pitch in)

FCC will seek input on ‘pay-for-priority’ Net neutrality proposal (Anything that is preferential is hardly neutral)

The hardest and easiest way to be a better coder (The code of the coder)

Jolt Awards 2014: The Best Programmer Libraries (Shocking news!)

AI researcher explains how to stop Skynet from happening (Step one: go back in time…)

Google Street View Now Lets You Go Back In Time (…and here’s how to do it…)

Are Tech-Savvy Countries Happier? (Of course. We have more ways to access cat videos than non-tech-savvy countries)

Move over, Old Man Ruby — your Java moment has arrived (Try not to have a senior moment at the same time)

What would you do to improve dynamic proxies? (I’m guessing “make them static” isn’t one of the options)

IT certs are back! Learn these hot skills and earn more (And yet it’s still true that your score on a test only demonstrates your ability to take the test, not your ability to do a job)

4/23/2014 Article Links


A woman was suffering from a pain in her abdomen. Along with a battery of other tests, the doctor ordered an X-ray. She went into the doctor’s office to review her case. When she entered, the doctor was talking on the phone and the lady noticed the X-rays laying on the desk. The woman smiled as a kitten walked around the edges of the X-ray, staring down at the picture. The lady thought it was cute, although a bit odd that the doctor would have a kitten in the office. Anyway, she talked to the doctor and decided on a course of action, and the lady went home. Two days later, she received the bill in the mail. For some reason, the X-ray cost $5000! She immediately called the doctor’s office to find out what was going on. They informed her that the cost was extra for the cat scan.


Web and mobile stuff:

TypeScript 1.0 Released and Open for Contributions

Coding error protects some Android apps from Heartbleed (Hmmm, like two sound waves cancelling each other out)

Go 1.3’s first beta promises a sleeker, faster language (Go ahead, have a go!)


F# stuff:

What is FSCL? (F Sharp to OpenCL)


Alea.cuBase 1.2.680 Released (I CUDA had a V8!)

How to design a language integrated compiler with LLVM (Show it a little LLOVE)

GPU Applications for Modern Large Scale Asset Management (One manager says to another, “I see you’ve finally made an asset of yourself.”)


Other stuff:

In programming, a little guidance goes a long way (Ironically, lack of guidance can take you even farther, because you’ll be instantly lost)

When the solution is the problem (1 = 1)

Verizon: Web apps are the security punching bag of the Internet (Big surprise)

Do more with less: Lambda expressions in Java 8 (Speak up about this topic. The silence of the lambdas must end!)

GNU Compiler Collection gains major new functionality (Good Gnus)

Be careful what you wish for: The dream job that wasn’t (I missed it by *that* much!)

4/22/2014 Article Links


I was driving down the road today and a rabbit ran across the street just in front of me. I missed it by a hare.


Security stuff:

NEC launches face-recognition security protection for PCs (Heyyyy…that looks more like a middle…never mind…!)

OpenBSD forks, prunes, fixes OpenSSL(Forking prunes will definitely open something)


Web and mobile stuff:

Nokia Devices to become “Microsoft Mobile” on April 25 (Oy, vey)

12 Little-Known CSS Facts (Now with baking soda)

Postman: A powerful HTTP client to test web services (The Postman Always Tests Twice)

JSZip: Create, read and edit .zip files with Javascript (Got any complaints? Yeah? Well, zip it!)

Handling z-index (This has its ups and downs)

Picturefill: A responsive image polyfill (Polly had one too many crackers and is now filled)

New compiler cranks up JavaScript from native code (Sounds like it’s really time to just invent a solid new language to run in the browser)


Other stuff:

BMC brings workload automation to the mainframe change ticket (It’s about time…)

Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide (Bad visual, bad visual!)

Microsoft Research reveals Holograph, brings ‘Star Wars’ Leia hologram to life (Let’s see the Leia the land)

Azure Web Sites New Basic Pricing Tier (Sooner or later, it will all be free)

This Is Your Brain On Code, According To Functional MRI Imaging (I know there’s a joke about crack in here, somewhere)

Google’s Head Of Hiring Gives His Best Advice For Job Interviews (Something to help your job search)

This is why Microsoft won. And why they lost. (Don’t try this at home)

WZOR leaks info about Windows 8.2, Windows 9 and cloud based OS (Hmmm)

New BigInteger methods in Java 8 (I can’t BigInt to describe how thrilling this is!)